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Gila 100

Jay Hemphill

An awe-inspiring journey across the stunning landscapes of the Gila National Forest. This photographic journey captures the essence and rugged nature of the nation’s first wilderness, showcasing the wonders that make the Gila a true marvel. From the mountain peaks to the meandering rivers and streams and lush valleys, every page is an immersion into this cherished American wilderness on its 100th anniversary.

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thumbnail_Embracing Ambition Cover KDP

Embracing Ambition

Jenny Mitchell

Embracing Ambition unites twelve exceptional women leaders from across North America with a simple goal: to share their leadership stories as a mentorship resource for the next generation of women leaders. From nonprofit pioneers to corporate strategists and from entrepreneurs […]

Subjects: Women leadership
Maverick 2 Cover Only

The Maverick, Volume 2

The Maverick is the Western New Mexico University student-run undergraduate academic journal. The Maverick is supported by WNMU’s academic imprint, Mimbres Press, and is dedicated to representing the WNMU undergraduate student body through in-class and extracurricular essays, research, art, and […]

A Long Tangent Cover

A Long Tangent

WHEN M. JOHN FAYHEE first arrived in New Mexico’s rugged Gila Country, he was a naive 20-year-old who didn’t know a javelina from an enchilada. Much has changed in the intervening half century. In this meandering memoir, Fayhee, with his […]

Subjects: Hiking | Humor | Travel Essays
Arturo Cover Only

Nostalgias of November

Set in the borderlands, Nostalgias of November, Arturo Magaña Amaya’s first collection of bilingual poems, is a bridge from the struggle of our labor to the serenity of our memory, from the voices of our ancestors to the songs of the barrio, a […]

Subjects: Poetry
Maverick 1 Cover Only

The Maverick, Volume 1

The Maverick, Volume One, is a student-run undergraduate academic journal of Western New Mexico University. The Maverick is dedicated to representing the WNMU undergraduate student body through the online publication of in-class as well as extracurricular essays, research, art, and […]

ALAS cover REV2.indd

Our Search for Meaning

Our Search For Meaning examines the intellectual history of western civilization as it is portrayed in literature and philosophy within the context of the ALAS Questions: What is truth? What is justice? What does it mean to be human? What […]

Subjects: Academic

The Algorithm of I

The Algorithm of I is Jack Crocker’s second collection of poems. The first, The Last Resort, was published in 2009 by the Texas Review Press. His poems have appeared in The Texas Review, Southern Poetry Review, Mississippi Review, and other […]

Subjects: Poetry

The Maverick

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