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March 27, 2024

The Gila 100 featured in New Mexico Magazine


Check out New Mexico Magazine’s article on The Gila 100

The Gila is a place of astounding beauty. As it emerges from volcanoes, with its rugged peaks, free-flowing rivers, mountain ridges covered in trees, and a stunning night sky, the Gila is a wondrous and enthralling site to behold. This beauty is captured in the photographs by Jay Hemphill.

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March 6, 2024

New Release: Embracing Ambition by Jenny Mitchell

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Embracing Ambition unites twelve exceptional women leaders from across North America with a simple goal: to share their leadership stories as a mentorship resource for the next generation of women leaders. From nonprofit pioneers to corporate strategists and from entrepreneurs to educators, these women represent a diverse cross-section of industries and roles.

This book illuminates potential obstacles that ambitious women might encounter, provides lived experience solutions for them to embrace, and includes reflection questions to spark learning during their own leadership journey. The book marries rigorous academic research with first-person stories that describe in great detail what it actually feels like to lead.

This is a true collaborative book: the authors came together for a weekend of story development and writing. The act of sharing their journeys with each other during the workshops infused each chapter with collective wisdom that speaks to all future women leaders.

Join us on March 8th at noon EST for our virtual book launch and have a chance to win a free book!

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November 11, 2023

John Fayhee shares reflections on hiking with his dog every day for a year

Author M. John Fayhee joins the program to talk about his new book, “A Long Tangent: Musings by an old man & his young dog hiking every day for a year”. Fayhee and his dog, Casey, hiked in the Gila, near home and they help us explore our relationship to nature, growing older, and dogs.

September 12, 2023

A Long Tangent Earns Amazon #1 Bestseller Status

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Veteran author and outdoor enthusiast, M. John Fayhee, newest book chronicles a year hiking New Mexico’s rugged Gila Country with his four-legged companion.

In this meandering memoir, A Long Tangent, Fayhee, with his loyal dog Casey at his side, takes us through the heart of the Gila – once the stomping ground of Geronimo and Billy the Kid and home to the world’s first legally designated Wilderness Area – as he endeavors to hike every day for a solid year through some of the country’s most remote and challenging terrain. “A Long Tangent” explores the process of going from wide-eyed young man to crotchety old fart as he comes to terms with his mortality, with the fact that “There are many more trail miles behind me than there are ahead.”

More than that, though. This is the story of the bond between a man and his canine companion as it evolves through deep canyons, across bone-dry mesas in ninety-five degree heat and toward the cactus-covered mountains that rise above the desert lands of southwest New Mexico.

Along the way, Fayhee reflects upon rattlesnakes, hiking sticks, bears, exploding rocks, mystery mountains, disorientation, poorly worded religious texts, lost pets, marriage, the relationship between hikers and their vehicles, and a past that slips ever further into the rearview mirror.

A Long Tangent is current #1 on Amazon in New Mexico Travel Guides, #2 in General New Mexico Travel Guide, and #45 in Mountain U.S. Regional Travel.

September 5, 2023

The Algorithm of I Earns Top Honors from the NMBA


Mimbres Press is excited to announce that the New Mexico Book Association selected The Algorithm of I by  as the 2023 Southwest Book Design & Production Award winner in poetry.

New Release: Desert Exposure Review A LONG TANGENT

A Long Tangent Cover

M. John Fayhee, one-time publisher of the famed Mountain Gazette Magazine, will read from and sign copies of his latest book, “A Long Tangent: Musings from an old man and his young dog hiking every day for a year,” at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 6, at Light Hall Theatre on the Western New Mexico University campus in Silver City.

The book covers a lot of ground…READ MORE

August 24, 2023

Nostalgias of November Earns Book Award Recognition

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Arturo Magaña Amaya and his book, Nostalgias of November, received finalist recognition in the category of bilingual poetry from the the New Mexico Book Association Southwest Book Design and Production Award. Congratulations to Arturo and book designer, Paul Hotvedt.

January 17, 2023

JJ Amaworo Wilson Wins 2022 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award


Former Managing Editor of Mimbres Press and current Western New Mexico University Writer-In-Residence, JJ Amaworo Wilson, has been is the winner of the 2022 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for his literary fiction book, Nazaré.


Nazaré tells the story of a peasants’ revolt in the polyglot city of Balaal. The story begins with a miracle. A homeless boy sees a whale washed up on the beach. He alerts the local fishermen, and soon the whole town is trying and failing to push it back into the ocean. With just the boy left to accompany the whale now in its dying throes, a freak wave pulls the creature back into the sea. This is an omen. Change is coming.

The boy and the washerwoman who adopts him cobble together a ramshackle army of fishermen, shopkeepers, lapsed nuns, anarchist bats, and an itinerant camel. They attempt to end the reign of the dictator who rules over Balaal. Their attempt involves pitched battles, farcical trials, rooftop escapes, and sun-parched wanderings in the wilderness. Looming over the disparate cast of characters is the legend of the giant wave—Nazaré—that will one day annihilate everyone and everything in the city.

Nazaré is an adventure and a parable that pits the oppressed against the oppressor. The work has been likened to that of Gabriel García Márquez and Mario Vargas Llosa in its use of language, its inventiveness, its humor, and its examination of issues of justice.

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