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Mimbres Press of Western New Mexico University welcomes agented and unagented submissions in the following genres: literary fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, memoirs, poetry, children’s books, historical fiction, and academic books. We are particularly interested in academic work and commercial work with a strong social message, including but not limited to works of history, reportage, biography, anthropology, culture, human rights, and the natural world. We will also consider selective works of national and global significance.

Mimbres Press of Western New Mexico University will not consider romance novels, erotica, hard science fiction, thrillers, horror, play scripts, or film scripts.

In general, Mimbres Press uses the Chicago Manual of Style when editing manuscripts and prefers manuscripts be submitted in accordance to this style.

Submission Form

Submission Form

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Please list the direct URLs to all of your active websites or enter N/A.

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Please upload your query letter that answers the following question: Why is Mimbres Press a good fit for your project? To what currently published books/authors would you compare your manuscript? Why do you feel your manuscript is important/timely/relevant? What new or different perspective will your book contribute to the field? What is the word count?
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Fiction – please upload your complete or working manuscript. Nonfiction – please upload your full or working manuscript and table of contents.
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Please describe your target readers.
Please describe your professional background, writing experience, and any other relevant information regarding your ability to write and/or help promote your book.
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