Maverick 2 Cover Only
Yen Chu
June 6th, 2023
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Hardcover and Paperback
Student Publication

The Maverick is the Western New Mexico University student-run undergraduate academic journal. The Maverick is supported by WNMU’s academic imprint, Mimbres Press, and is dedicated to representing the WNMU undergraduate student body through in-class and extracurricular essays, research, art, and creative writing.

Mimbres Press of Western New Mexico University welcomes agented and unagented submissions in the following genres: literary fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, memoir, poetry, children’s books, historical fiction, and academic books. It is particularly interested in academic work and commercial work with a strong social message including, but not limited to, works of history, reportage, biography, anthropology, culture, human rights, the natural world, and will also consider selective works of national and global significance.


The Author

Yen Chu

Yen Chu

Yen Chu was born in Taichung, Taiwan, before her family immigrated to the U.S.As an East Asian, she learned to speak Mandarin Chinese at home and English at school, becoming fascinated with the dichotomy of Asian versus American culture. She immersed herself in the rich and colorful lifestyle of Silver City, New Mexico, studying the methods by which people may communicate and connect despite their differences. Now pursuing a BFA in Ceramics alongside a minor in Literature and Cell and Molecular Biology, she seeks to understand the networks that link people through the fine arts.